F.A.Q. – Freaquently Asked Questions

1. What types of application do you share?
- We share applications destined for Facebook and iOS/Android systems. You can use our apps on every Facebook account and every iOS/Android devices.

2. Can I use your applications on more than one account?
- Yes, you can use them on countless accounts and as many times as you want.

3. Can I download all of your programs?
- Yes, you can get all our applications. You just have to click one of the buttons that are placed at the bottom of every post. After that the download process should start.

4. Are your all applications virus-free?
- Of course, our programs do not contain any viruses or malwares. They are scanned by many antiviruses, so you can be sure that they will never infect your computer.

5. Are your applications safe?
- Yes, all of them are scanned by antiviruses and are clean, so you do not have to worry about that.

6. Can I get banned because of using your programs?
- No, you will never get banned. We took care of it – you can use our programs multiple times without any worries.

7. How many posts do you write?
- We try to write at least one post per day. But sometimes it is hard to do it, because we want to upgrade our applications as much as it is possible. If you want to know detailed information about when we will add new posts, you can contact us via e-mail.

8. Can I contact with you when I will have some problems with applications?
- Of course! You can always write on our e-mail: admin@fbcheaterz.com You may also place a comment on our blog or contact us through Facebook.

9. Do download buttons/links work on every browser?
- Yes, they work on every type of them (Mozilla Firefox,Opera,Google Chrome.Safari, Mobile Browsers and others)

10. Can I launch your applications on every computer system?
- Yes, they will work on every computer system (Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and others) but if you will have any problems, please give us a hint.

11. Can I follow your posts somewhere?
- Yes, you can follow our Facebook page: https/www.facebook.com/pages/fbcheaterzcom/228494137301272 Feel free to post your opinions about our applications. We will be very happy!

12. Are you going to upgrade your site in the near future?
- It is possible, but now we can’t say it for sure. Follow us and you will see if something changed!

13. Are there any limits how many times single application can be downloaded?
- Yes, after 10000 downloads every single program will reach it’s maximum. But it is OK, because after 48 hours we will allow to download it again, so almost for sure you will be able to download it at any time.

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